Care With Me Foundation, LADLE, Movida Maya, & KKIS have joined together to create an innovative child development program including: art, wellness, culture, education, scholarships, and environmental awareness

Feeling Festive

In Care With Me’s Feeling Festive initiative within the Art With Me festival, we elevate environmental standards, and invite festivals around the globe to imitate our efforts.

Art Auction

Choose a unique, immersive art creation from our Art With Me selection, and a percentage of your purchase supports one of the Care With Me Foundation Initiatives.

Night Art Park

An artistic space built around the magnificent sculpture Ven a la Luz (Come into the Light). Admission fees cover Care With Me’s operational and administrative costs so 100% of your donation goes to the initiative of your choice!

Miami-Care With me

We want to bring all our current Tulum initiatives to MIAMI, to enrich the lives of the community all year round.

“Inspiring a child’s imagination today, builds the foundation for the beauty and innovation of tomorrow” – Unknown

Our purpose

The Care With Me Foundation knows ART, in all its forms, is an access point to creative thinking and open mindedness. Art inspires us to grow as humans, expand our consciousness and dream the impossible.

Imagine the world’s loss, if Van Gogh was never given a paint brush.

At the Care With Me Foundation, we bring together art, technology, and education to cultivate and support young creatives, empower innovative solutions, and cultivate communities. These efforts open new possibilities to tomorrows greatest minds, our children!

Help us in expanding the potential of as many children as possible and also contribute in inspiring a healthier, happier and more creative future.

Do you want to help strengthen our efforts?

Its very simple, whatever you can do will help. From a dollar a month donation, to shares and likes on social media. These actions all matter. The concept is the larger & more active our community is, the further we reach, the more we can do!