Wellness Yoga Retreat

Consciousness begins with self love.


Consciousness begins with self love. Conscious Action starts with a clear sense of self, that is reinvigorated with Care for your community and the planet. As a by product, these strong positive feelings billow outward to inspire those around you. When others see your peace, and happiness in just being you, they will want to join you there in this positive plane of existence. When we learn to love ourselves then everything else naturally aligns.

The Care With Me Foundation will be granting 1 person a 6 day retreat experience in Tulum, Mexico. Our first grantee will be announced on January 1st, 2022 to ring in the New Year with Self Love.  

We will choose 3-5 people a month that can most benefit from this journey.  From there the community will vote on the next grantee. There are 2 categories that we feel would most benefit: those who see that peace and harmony but have been unable to find it and those who have been giving selflessly in their communities and need to take a moment to rejuvenate their own batteries. But ultimately it will be up to you, the Caring Community. Let your voices be heard. 

Let’s spread the CARE!