Care With Me was born from the idea that through the use of the creative arts we could help to inspire a more environmentally aware world traveler. So when we come into these beautiful world destinations, we understand and respect the strain we put on their natural resources.

The Care With Family has an enormous passion for art and respect for the inspiration art instilled in us. With this in mind, we started Care With Me, as the conscious component of Art With Me – an Arts & Cultural Festival that originated in Tulum, Mexico. We quickly realized year-round efforts would be required to help Tulum sustain, it’s natural beauty and cultural heritage protected with the growing stress tourism was placing on it.

Since transitioning to a year-round foundation, we:

  • Were instrumental in getting a single use plastic ban through legislation the state of Quintana Roo, MX
  • Donated a fire truck to Tulum
  • Funded research for a comprehensive waste management plan
  • Fed over 500 families during COVID
  • Had 3 TED talks adopted onto the platform
  • As well as many other actions you can see here

The enormous amount of work prior to 2020 was privately fully funded by the foundation’s President, David Graziano. In 2020, Care With Me evolved into a 501(c)3 so we could expand on the initiatives we feel are so greatly needed.

As we evolved with Care With Me we also re-defined the foundations focus areas. The foundation’s core pillars are dedicated to creative arts and the youth, education and self care, environmental awareness and solutions. Our work is dedicated in these pillars by developing Initiatives, supporting strategic alliances and creating awareness campaigns.

We believe ​these out of the box, creative thinkers will lead the way in technology and innovations for betterment of the planet. So we are investing in tomorrow, while we still do our best today.

Our goal is to elevate and inspire innovative ways to make the planet a healthier and happier place for us, and generations to come.