Different approaches to solving waste


We Gathered Hoteliers + Businessmen + Environmentalists for the first time in multiple events throughout the year to identify together the problems and actions to be carried out around solid waste.

In 2018, Care With me organized a presentation of different approaches to solving waste. In which we hosted a variety of art experiences, talks and activities designed to create awareness around environmental issues.

Our presentation of different approaches to solving waste issues , a dinner & show event took place on June 8th at Casa Palapa, Papaya Playa Project. Our objective was to make a presentation of 3 different proposals developed by Papaya Playa, Be Tulum and Red Tulum Sustainable, that may give a solution to the waste management situation.

To make this possible, the public and private sector must join forces with local environmentalists to develop an Integral Solid Waste Management solution that includes all actions carried around waste with the objective of minimizing its production and maximizing its value. For example: Law regulations, incentives for trash reduction, promotion of collection centers, resource management, research to measure the impact on natural and social environment, surveys of perceptions and habits of the population, interviews with decision makers and large generators (businesses and hotels), creation of Education & Communication Programs and technical studies for infrastructure development.

Presentation of different approaches to solving Waste issues

The first action was the Presentation of the Environmental Legislative Framework & Audit with the State Office of Protection of the Environment from Quintana Roo in collaboration with our allies Hojas Verdes on September 18, at Los Lirios. Our main objective was to share information to business owners in Tulum about the state program of self-regulation and environmental audit so that they could improve their internal environmental procedures and obtain the corresponding permits and licenses granted by the state of Quintana Roo.

We conducted workshops and interviews with the hotel and business element to create a diagnosis for the waste and management plan on August 16th at Alaya Hotel. Our objective was to carry out a survey of perceptions and focus groups among hotel and business owners to obtain information that is useful to design the education programs and communication plan of solid waste management action.

First Forum to form a National Plastic Pollution Network with more than 30 NGOs

We met with the UN environment, Greenpeace, Organik and the Chalchi foundation to ban single-use plastic in Mexico on October 18, 19 and 20 at Beso Tulum. We had the participation of civil society, the public and private sector, universities and international organizations. The 200 attendees from more than 20 states in the country exchanged ideas and developed a roadmap to migrate plastic pollution on four topics:

  1. Communication
  2. Public Policy
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Economy

Through this forum, we had the opportunity to learn about initiatives that were carried out in different parts of the country and we were able to see where the challenges lie to move towards better habits and use materials that are more environmentally friendly.

Thanks to these actions, national legislation is being proposed to ban disposable plastic, as well as implement recycling for different types of plastics and push the plastics industry to assume greater responsibilities.

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