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“Through all the tumult in the world around us, there is an inner yearning for social harmony and ecological restoration. Now is the time for creating a peaceful and inclusive world for all.” – Sadhguru

Who we are

The Care With Me Foundation believes we can harness the inspiration art creates in innovative ways to make the planet a healthier & happier place.


We aim to bridge the distance gap for our communities and have a strong collective voice to elevate & activate with other conscious world citizens.


Together, we can reach goals, support initiatives, and inspire action.

About Us

Care With Me was born from the desire to inspire conscious world travelers in a new way; so that when we come into these beautiful world destinations, we understand and respect the strain we put on their natural resources. With this in mind, we started as the conscious component of Art With Me – an Arts & Cultural, Eco Festival in Tulum Mexico.


We quickly established year-round efforts that would be required to help Tulum THRIVE with the growing stress tourism was placing on its people and their environment. Since transitioning to a year-round foundation, we were instrumental in getting a single use plastic ban through legislation, donated a fire truck to Tulum, set up a comprehensive waste management plan, fed over 500 families during COVID, had 3 TED talks adopted onto the platform, as well as many other actions you can see here. Harnessing the inspiration of art is core to our vision, so we believe nurturing & supporting young artists is imperative.


We strive to harness the mindfulness & inspiration that the wellness programs & art experiences foster. We are then able to bring innovative ideas to the forefront and nurture new thinking on the challenges facing us all. Joining newly inspired people with already conscious world citizens to create Caring Communities.


Our greatest desire is to create Caring Communities in every town and city we become a part of. Our vision is of Caring Communities worldwide joining together so we have a strong, united voice. That TOGETHER, we can elevate & inspire innovative ways to make the planet a healthier & happier place for us & generations to come. ​ link to founder

David Graziano

Founder, Care with Me Foundation

Artist, creative visionary,  and hospitality pioneer. David Graziano has founded and designed some of the most known nightlife venues and restaurants in New York such as Pink Elephant, Bagatelle, Gansevoort 69, Kiss & Fly, and RDV. David, an early adapter to new locations, chose Tulum in 2010 to design, build and operate Ahau Tulum hotel. Since then, David has played a key part in the development of Tulum.


Over a 7 year period Ahau Tulum grew into the Ahau Collection, which includes: Alaya Tulum, Casa Alaya, Villa Pescadores , Kai Hotel & Beach Club, Aldea Canzul. In 2017 David’s appreciation for the art’s was his inspiration for his next project. Art With Me, Tulum’s first large scale arts & cultural festival attracting artists and guests from all parts of the world. Art With Me instantly became a world class event, which is currently expanding into other countries.


Due to the positive impact created by Art With Me, one of the platform’s core pillars “Care With Me”, grew into a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, founded in the United States. The Care With Me Foundation’s purpose is to bring awareness and positive change through cultivating inspirational art and educational experiences for local communities and the environment.

Our Mission

Art With Me’s mission is to celebrate art & culture but also to leave a positive impact on the environment. Due to accelerated growth, our precious beaches, jungle and the waters of the cenotes and ocean that used to be pristine are now polluted. This is impacting our health and our economy and until we do something about it, the problem will continue to grow.


In an effort to raise awareness and bring solutions, Care With Me continues to operate year round and has 4 areas of action:


  1. Establish good practices at festival venues to reduce environmental impact
  2. Host talks, workshops and art activities that will advice attendees how to take action
  3. Support the development and implementation of a Solid Waste Management Plan for Tulum
  4. Involvement in world wide movements and seeking of alliances with national and international leaders that are educating and inspiring action for a more sustainable future


2018 Care With Me Achievements:

  • Sustainable practices at Official AWM venues
  • Hosted 12 Beach & Town Clean Ups
  • Advised partner hotels on sustainable practices
  • Solid Waste Management Action Plan Phase 1

2019 Care With Me Achievements:

  • Solid Waste Management Action Plan Phase 2
  • Activation Event
  • Sustainable Practices at our venues
  • Earth Day Beach & Town Clean Up
  • Community Urban Garden
  • Workshops and Interviews with Hotels & Buisinesses
Care With Me Through the YearsCare With Me Achievements