Tulum Bronco Concert

Tulum Bronco Concert – Care With Me funded a benefit concert where Bronco performed in April 2019 at the Casa de la Cultura in Tulum. To attend the event, more than 10,000 participants were asked to help clean the streets of Tulum and bring plastic waste to get a free ticket. Thanks to this, we were able to clean more than a ton of plastic waste from the streets, which were then recycled properly.

Bronco is a Mexican music group that throughout 38 years of their career have achieved worldwide sales of over 14 million albums and has managed to conquer the ears of fans in many different countries.

Tulum Bronco Concert

The concert began by giving a brief training on waste separation, then continued with a Mayan blessing given by Grandfather Egilio Dzib Canul, who attended from Cobá to request permission from the 4 directions to carry out the festival’s mission, which was to be a social and environmental exchange platform.

After the Mayan blessing, the concert began where more than 4,500 inhabitants of Tulum exchanged their recyclables for tickets.

Highlighting the importance of caring for the environment and avoiding contamination with plastic waste, water was offered in biodegradable and clay cups free of charge to the public. This way, when the concert finished, the waste was separated and composted.

The Tulum Bronco concert was promoted only among the Tulum community, because if it were made viral there was the possibility that more than 50 thousand people would attend and instead of helping the environment, it would be harmed.

To this day, Care With Me continues to create ecological programs aimed at the ethical management of solid waste. At the same time, we carry out multigenerational educational and experiential activities that include talks, panels and demonstrations. We invite you to visit our accountability section so that you can be informed about the most recent actions of our foundation.