EcoZoic Resources -Sponsored Project

Human waste is a big issue in Tulum.  The danger of polluting the water table, ocean, selva, and cenotes is a reality as waste products are now found in these areas.  Temporary waste stations – aka “porto poddies” have not been a strong solution.  They come with toxic chemicals that often spill or leak, they require large trucks to service them, and they use a lot of water to clean.  EcoZoic resources promises a new system of turning human waste into useful fertilizer that’s ready for immediate use to replenish the often-depleted nutrients in the soil.  They do this through a proprietary bio-regenerative system with enzymes, mycelium, and probiotics that get “super charged” through an electric current, powered by solar.  This new design of a human waste system is waterless, bio-regenerative, and practical in cost.  Care With Me hosted conversations around this technology and engaged local designers to come up with a solution to one of the biggest problems threatening the local environment – waste.

To this day, Care With Me continues to create ecological programs aimed at the ethical management of solid waste. At the same time, we carry out multigenerational educational and experiential activities that include talks, panels and demonstrations. We invite you to visit our Actions section so that you can be informed about the most recent actions of our foundation.