Makers – Sponsored NGO

Care With Me sponsored Makers, a local NGO, and hosted them in the Care With Me Pavilion as they promoted their programs to the many visitors of the pavilion while organizing a community engagement project during the Art With Me Festival.  Additionally, Makers was very involved in the PetGas conversation.  The plastics picked up from their various clean up activities at the beach and in town was given to PetGas to use in their community demonstrations to transform plastics to fuel.  This collaboration also served as a model in the community for how groups can work symbiotically.

To this day, Care With Me continues to create ecological programs aimed at the ethical management of solid waste. At the same time, we carry out multigenerational educational and experiential activities that include talks, panels and demonstrations. We invite you to visit our  Blog so that you can be informed about the most recent actions of our foundation.