PetGas – Sponsored Project

The idea of transforming plastic to fuel is not a new concept.  Historically the process has been around since the 1940s. Until recently, the transformation yielded mixed results with harmful by products and high costs — until PetGas patented a new process that not only yields certified green products, but also transforms any type of plastic to fuel.  In October er of 2020, Care With Me embarked on a mission to bring a prototype of the generator that transforms plastic to fuel, “Robatina” to Tulum for the community to engage with, look at, pick apart, and ask questions about how the technology works.  Our goal was to create a conversation within the community with environmentalists, waste management experts, scientists, citizens, children, and anyone else that wanted to see this promising technology in action.  In conjunction with Makers we conducted a beach cleanup that turned the plastics collected into enough fuel to power one 100KVW generator for 4 hours.  PetGas has since been approved by the Mexican government as a “green” fuel provider and is currently producing it’s 3rd transformation plant in Mexico, while turning waste plastic into fuel in an efficient way.

To this day, Care With Me continues to create ecological programs aimed at the ethical management of solid waste. At the same time, we carry out multigenerational educational and experiential activities that include talks, panels and demonstrations. We invite you to visit our Actions section so that you can be informed about the most recent actions of our foundation.